7 Advantages of In-Ground Trampolines

Users love different types of in-ground trampolines despite their slightly higher price compared to above ground trampolines. In-ground trampolines come in different sizes, from standard dimensions such as the Primus Flat trampoline to larger, 17×10, trampolines. Nevertheless, in the post below, we talk mainly about the advantages of built-in trampolines.
Due to their very innovative features, an increasing number of people are more and more interested. If you want to join the trend as well, now is the time to learn more about in-ground trampolines.

1. Innovative design In-ground trampolines are quite distinctive since they don’t have legs. When they are installed, they are on the same level as the ground around them.

They typically have a double frame with attached protective PVC panels. The main task of these panels is to prevent dirt from falling between the tubing of the frame, and at the same time to provide stability and preserve the frame’s shape.

2. Simple installation For the installation of an in-ground trampoline, a hole of 2.5 to 3.5ft deep should be excavated. In the middle, the hole should be deeper than elsewhere. The depth of the hole depends on the size of the trampoline – the larger the trampoline, the deeper the hole.

Easy to install yourself! From the excavation of the hole to the installation of the trampoline. Many of our customers find it easier to have some help and use professional equipment, but this is not necessary!

It is also recommended that when installing your trampoline, you also install a weed barrier to prevent weeds from growing. Our High-end trampolines come with a weed barrier included, no extra purchase necessary!

3. Elegant design for any yard In-ground trampolines are incredibly modern. They are an exciting addition to your backyard, and since they are hidden in the ground, they blend in perfectly and don’t obscure the view.

That’s why in-ground trampolines are perfect for any home.

4. Maximum safety In-ground trampolines are safer than other trampoline options and especially recommended to parents who are skeptical and concerned their child might fall off an above ground trampoline.

The freedom of play and movement is very welcome for any family with young children, as parents don’t need to constantly assist their children with getting on and off the trampoline.

5. High-quality material The feeling when jumping on in-ground trampolines isn’t much different from the feeling when jumping on above ground trampolines. Either way, it feels fantastic! But what certainly helps is the high-quality material that the frame, the jumping mat and safety pads are made of.

AkrobatUSA high-quality in-ground trampolines have a stainless steel frame and jumping mats with great bouncing features. You can choose among our wide selection trampoline sizes with larger or smaller jumping mats and decide on the ideal one for your family.

6. Easy maintenance In-ground trampoline maintenance is very similar to the maintenance of above ground models. When following the instructions and appropriately installing your trampoline, not much maintenance is necessary. The frame is made of stainless material so simply ensure that the weed barrier is correctly installed, meaning as close to the trampoline as possible.

You may store your in-ground trampoline away for the winter, although it is not necessary. It is enough to cover it with a protective cover. You might also want to invest in a protective cover to prevent your pet from damaging the jumping mat. A protective netting is another way to prevent your pet from accessing your trampoline.

7. Jump in any season In-ground trampolines can be used in any season. Their high-quality material can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 158 °F.

The weed barrier is made of porous material so the water seeps through the mat into the soil and doesn’t collect under the jumping mat. In case of high rainfall, water retention depends on the soil. If your garden has clay soil, water retention is a higher possibility. We recommend having a supplemental draining system in the base of the hole, like a sump and pump. Take a look at other Trampoline accessories that can have a significant effect on extending the life of a trampoline or extending its usefulness.

Their sleek design is why in-ground trampolines elegantly blend in with your yard. Since they are level with the ground, access is easy even for physically challenged people and younger children.

Check out Akrobat trampolines! They are synonymous with lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety. And they’re so much fun!

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