How You can Use Function Planner Stickers?

Are you looking for something new to decorate your house? Do you want something through which you can keep track of your daily routine? In a hectic schedule of your daily routine, it has become so hard to remember all the important dates of meetings, appointments, functions, etc. Maybe, on Thursday it’s time for laundry, but what if you failed to remember? What if you have an urgent party or function on Sunday, but you failed to remember? Of course, with a busy modern lifestyle, it becomes tough to remember all the important dates.
If you can relate to these problems, then you are on the right platform! Functional stickers is very useful as it helps you to set up your planner faster. You can use the functional planner stickers for lists, little reminders, tracking habits, and logs. Functional stickers are generally 1.5 inches wide and .33 inches in height. You may have seen the functional stickers in various colors such as white, red, pink, yellow, blue, etc.

There are various kinds of functional planner stickers that will look great with about almost every planner & layout. Let’s have a look at different kinds of Functional planner stickers:

1. Re-dating Functional Planner Stickers: These Functional planner stickers are very handy and you can use them to correct an out of date planner that maybe one or two years old.

2. Checklist Functional Planner Stickers: These functional stickers give a huge help for your to-do-lists.

3. Hexagon Functional Planner Stickers: Many of the times, you may have seen an unusual kind of polygon sticker. You can use these kinds of stickers to set up high-level goals for the month or a year. You can even create a pretty layering effect and add some feminine stickers on the top of the hexagon which will give a great aesthetic to your planner.

4. Attention-Grabbing Functional Planner Stickers: These are the stickers that grab your attention to important dates, meetings, and appointments. On these stickers, you can also write down the things for which you are grateful.

5. Full-Size Boxes Functional Planner Stickers: The full-size boxes are generally used for making lists, bringing attention to important things, and setting up important goals.

6. Half Size Boxes Functional Planner Stickers: These kinds of functional stickers generally fit anywhere on any type of planner. You can use them to write down some important dates or meetings.

7. Circle Functional Planner Stickers: You can use these functional stickers for decorating your house, writing messages on birthday cards, etc.

8. Bill Due Functional Planner Stickers: You can use these functional stickers to keep an eye on your finances regularly. You can use these stickers to make sure that your finances are well-organized.

9. Payday or Deposit Functional Planner Stickers: If you enjoy payday every week or month, then you should surely use these functional stickers to keep track of your finances, deposits, and budgeting.

10. Work Schedule Functional Planner Stickers: These kinds of Functional Planner Stickers work best for the people whose work shifts are very much unpredictable for every week. You can even keep a track of hours you have worked if you want to keep an eye on the records. The entire work schedule can be recorded very easily on the monthly and daily planner pages.

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